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Traveling Italy: Pregnant

Positano via Jessica Lorren01

As far back as I can remember, I have loved traveling. Maybe not the backseat-of-the-van Dramamine-fogged family road trip kind but definitely the kind involving amazing food, scenery and new adventures. It always seems as if the memories created during traveling have a way of outlasting the ones I make in my every day life. Not sure why that is, but it’s one of the reasons I love it so much. It’s also another reason why Dave and I chose to wait seven years to start a family.

I am often amazed that my career has given us the opportunity to see so many incredible places. This past summer, I was invited to photograph my third wedding in Italy which happened to fall on my 30th birthday. With that in mind, and knowing that #littlebabyc would soon make traveling a whole different ballgame, Dave and I decided to tack sometime onto the front and back of the trip to venture around our favorite country. I will be posting some of my favorite photographs from each part of our trip on my photography blog, starting today with Sorrento.

I feel the need to preface the rest of this post by saying that I am truly head-over-heels, under a spell, in love with Italy. However, going in the middle of summer, during their busy season, pregnant was not ideal. I had no idea what I was in for. So my purpose for writing this is to give other mammas-to-be a heads-up on what to expect if they find themselves making a trip such as this one while pregnant.

1. The heat. I have never been so hot in my life. This is coming from someone who has lived all her life in South Florida. I am not sure if it was actually any hotter there but combining pregnancy with crowds, inadequate air conditioning and different cultural beliefs on personal hygiene; and it was nearly unbearable. Dave and I found ourselves spending the hottest parts of the days in our hotel room cooling off or taking turns watching our stuff/swimming just to beat the heat. So mamma’s, make sure you pack accordingly and stay hydrated!

2. The Food. The importance of eating in Italy cannot be understated. However, some of Italy’s finest fare ranks pretty high on the do-not-eat list for preggos. Finding a sandwich without  fresh mozzarella or prosciutto was a daily challenge. You’ll also want to be prepared to avoid the temptations of Italy’s favorite beverages espresso and wine. On a positive note, no doctor of mine said anything about gelato…

3. The Walking. Plan to do a lot of it. Pack comfortable shoes, even if they’re ugly. Public transportation is not pleasant and renting your own transportation could get you killed. So you’ll walk, in the heat. Again, hydration is key.

4. The Public Restrooms. Hard to find, hard to use. Plan to wait in line and while and keep hand sanitizer with you at all times.

5. The Flight. My broken tailbone may be more to blame for this than my pregnancy but those international flights were not fun. The seats felt like torture chambers and the airline food was terrible, it is very likely worth the first-class upgrade if you can swing it.

6. The Flu. The unthinkable, truly unbearable pregnant flu. Even if you are a good girl and take your prenatals every day, it can strike anytime and evidently anywhere. Be sure to pack doctor-approved medications or remedies just in case the flu finds you on your trip. Tracking down these items in another country, especially in remote parts can be quite a challenge.

Most importantly, listen to your bodies cues, take it slow, rest when you need to and have fun!!

Don’t forget to stay tuned on the photography blog for images from Venice, Positano and Capri! Fine Art prints are also available for purchase here.

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