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To My Five Month Old

My Darling Mae,

You’ve probably heard by now how many difficulties we’ve encountered together in regards to your feedings. I’d always planned to nurse you for as long as possible but it just hasn’t worked out that way.

Thankfully it appears that we’ve finally found a formula that you like. It’s made from Swiss goats milk and ships from France. You obviously have very distinguished tastes!

So we’re heading down the path towards formula and I am diligently praying for God’s blessing and provision on your health as you grow.

But tonight, while daddy was gone, you woke up hungry so I scooped you up, snuggled you into the rocking chair with me and nursed you in the quiet darkness. You held my hand and I held you close. I buried my face into your sweet soft skin and inhaled as much of that moment as I could desperately hoping to keep it forever.

When you were done, you started to squirm so I took you in my arms and began singing you softly to sleep. Your tiny little body became still and a sweet smile spread across your lips as I sung.

That smile. It’s one of the greatest treasures my life has ever known. You have a beauty that captivates my heart beyond what words can express. I can’t stop the tears as I lay here in bed next to daddy and allow myself to explore the depth of my love for you.

You are five months old today. How these five months have re-shaped me you may never know but I hope you will always know that you are perfect and that I will always do whatever I can to see you smile.


Kat Braman - you are such a beautiful mother! I’m so incredibly proud of you. Mae’s smile is such a treasure.June 17, 2014 – 2:54 pm

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