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Six Months

You’re six months old and already more beautiful than I ever could’ve imagined. Your smile is everything and you share it so generously. You’ve never met a stranger and you effortlessly light up everyone you come in contact with. You are happiest with other kids around and your laughter is intoxicating. You are already such a flirt and even kissing the little boys at church! But daddy is still your favorite.

You are incredibly strong. You have a killer grip and can already sit, crawl, pull up, stand and even walk if we balance you by your hands.¬† You still kick your happy feet endlessly making it easy to see why you’re so happy in the pool. You’re also quite a fan of the swing at the playground and our new ergo 360!

Bath time is easily your favorite time of the day. Each evening, we look forward to watching you splash and giggle in your tub as you try to eat your toys. You don’t even mind it when we pour the water right over your little head. When daddy’s on duty you even get to finish up with a blow dry which I am not sure if you love or hate.

You’re fuzzy hair and perfect porcelain skin are so darling. You’ve already got one little freckle on your left arm and I hope there are many to follow.

You still aren’t a snuggler but I can sneak a few cuddles in during your bottle time. I love feeding you because your mannerisms are so precious when you’re calm. You twirl your hair and reach up for mine. You look up at me with the sweetest expression and gently touch my face. It melts my heart and leaves me in awe of how so much beauty could live in such a little person.

You get excited about food which we both can relate to! Just this month you’ve tried avocado, peas, zucchini, carrots and sweet potatoes. So far we think zucchini is your favorite.

We have big plans for our adventures together! So far we’ve already taken you to Nashville, Atlanta & Aspen as well as Miami and Tampa. You love traveling¬† because of all of the people you encounter along the way.

God has so obviously gifted you for big things and it is our prayer that we can guide and inspire you to pursue Him and His plans for you. Since you’ve arrived, He has opened my eyes and heart in ways deeper than I thought possible and continues to use you daily to shape and refine me. I know He is molding me into the best mommy for you and I can’t wait for the day that you realize how much He and I (and Daddy) love and cherish you.


Photos above by my dear friend, Ali Harper.

Lisa O'Dwyer - So glad I got to Mae and her mommy and daddy during Mae’s trip to Aspen! She is a darling and will grow to be a lovely lady with the love of her awesome parents! Hugs to all of you!August 17, 2014 – 2:42 pm

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