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Seven Years

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Seven years ago today. Amazing how time flies…

But what I find even more amazing, is how my love for my husband has grown in these past seven years.

Throughout each year of our relationship, God has used Dave to show me new things about myself and how I’m designed. I’ve learned the true meaning of marriage and come to recognize what a precious gift my husband is.

Looking back, I would have never guessed the path our lives would take or anticipated the twists and turns along the way but I know that each one has brought us to where we are today and for that I am eternally grateful.

One of my favorite writers recently shared this thought, “True Love isn’t found, it’s carved” and I literally could not agree more.

I’m tempted to sit here and list out a hundred ways that Dave does a great job loving and serving me but that isn’t why I love him. I love him because he is a living, breathing, loving best friend that God specifically chose to carve me into who I am created to be.

On Friday evening, we drove out to the beach, laid on a towel in the sand wrapped up in each-others arms and I couldn’t help but weep at the beauty and wonder of it all. Here we are, seven years in, more in love than ever and awaiting a new adventure that is sure to be full of immense joy among immeasurable challenges. I could not be more excited.

It’s the unfolding of our love story, and thanks to a perfect God, it is so much greater than I ever could have imagined.

Shannon - This is so beautiful. Happy seven years and here is to seventy more!December 30, 2013 – 12:13 pm

Martin Drummond - Beautifully written.

Thank you.December 30, 2013 – 12:16 pm

Kat Braman - I love your heart. I feel so incredibly blessed to have both you and Dave as friends and I can’t wait to see you two love on your little girl. Happy Anniversary!December 30, 2013 – 2:24 pm

sarah - you and dave are so inspiring! can’t wait to see the ways you’ll inspire me when you become a mama (: happy anniversary!!December 31, 2013 – 12:49 pm

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