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Playing Winter

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When you’re pregnant, you have all of these big ideas about how you want to dress your little love. Before #littlebabymae was born, I had an entire style board of fashions and baby-style was on the tippy-top of the list of things I planned this blog to focus on. Every morning I waited in anticipation for the clock to strike nine when Zulily would post their new sales for the day. I favorited who-knows-how-many etsy shops and resented living in the US when all of the cutest baby stuff is European.

My how things have changed.

When Mae arrived, we battled reflux and colic so hard that she lived in a bib (or multiple bibs) for the first six months of her life. We rarely left the house because she was so fussy and refused to sleep anywhere but her crib (and even that was a miracle).

So needless to say, all of that baby-style hung in the closet unworn or neatly folded in her dresser with the tags still on. Then once we found a formula she could tolerate the reflux subsided and we were finally able to put some of her baby-style to use. Some of it no longer fit, some of it had too many buttons for her to sit still long enough to be dressed in and some of it was just seasonally off.

But we do have some fun stuff that she is fitting now and looking extra cute in! The above ensemble was tried on in preparation for an upcoming trip north to see if it would still work. The hat and booties are newborn sized and the outfit is 0-3 months. Now at 8 months, the buttons were definitely tight but once I got her in it, I fell over from the cuteness and could not help but to snap a few photos.

After posting one on insta, I had a few questions come in on where we found everything. So for those mamas, here are the best version of sources I could find:

Outfit – It’s a boy coverall (go fig) I found it at Target but it’s no longer online, here’s something similar.

I realize those links aren’t a ton of help since all of this was acquired nearly a year ago but the cutie photos still warranted a post anyway right?








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