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Mae’s Homemade Goat Milk Baby Formula

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Well if you have been around here long enough you know that my pretty little baby has given her mama quite a run for her money.

From nursing issues, to digestive issues, temperamental issues and just the general what-the-heck-is-happening issues, these past ten months have not been what I thought they would be. Instead of snuggling in bed all day smelling one another and being intoxicated by the sheer bliss of our bond like I’d expected; we spent most days battling more challenges that I can even wrap my head around.

BUT it is getting better. So much better. We have been able to pinpoint many of the factors contributing to Mae’s challenges and as a result we can begin to fix them.

One of our most recent major breakthroughs was this homemade formula.

I’d heard about it since Mae was five-weeks old but always thought it was a bit too unconventional and worried that putting her health and development into the hands of an online formula recipe was rather risky.

But after nursing, pumping, and multiple kinds of commercial formula failed, I was left with this or soy. SO we did soy. And it worked. But everything I read about it sent chills down my spine so I kept digging.

I consulted a well-known doc via twitter, a nutritionist, a local holistic doctor and our awesome naturally-minded chiropractor and they all pointed me here.

So I took that as the go-ahead to give it a shot. Wouldn’t you know it, Mae’s sleep and mood improved dramatically. This stuff is seriously magic.

It does take a bit of an investment to get going and seems overwhelming at first but now I can have a 2-day batch ready in less time than it takes to drive to Whole Foods and buy her formula there. There are some bulk-prep tips for combining some of the ingredients ahead of time that I am anxious to make it even more cost and time effective.

But here is the best part, it is nutritionally on par with breast milk. Also, it’s so much cheaper than commercial formula. Seeing how much it has improved our quality of life, I am just bummed I didn’t start it sooner.

Mae’s recipe is actually a combination of two of them based on what I have found to work well for her.

Adapted from the Weston A Price Website:

This makes about 36oz but I always double it to last us two days since her intake is pretty high.

Homemade Goat-Whey (make this the night before)

Place 2 quarts of Goat yogurt in a mesh strainer lined with a cheesecloth set over a bowl. Cover with a plate and leave at room temperature overnight. The whey will drip out into the bowl. Place whey in clean glass jars and store in the refrigerator. Makes about 5 cups. (The leftover yogurt in the strainer is delicious with honey!!)


  • Put 2 cups filtered water into a pyrex measuring pitcher and remove 2 tablespoons (that will give you 1-7/8 cups water).
  • Pour about half of the water into a pan and place on a medium flame.
  • Add the gelatin and lactose to the pan and let dissolve, stirring occasionally.
  • When the gelatin and lactose are dissolved, remove from heat and add the remaining water to cool the mixture.
  • Stir in the coconut oil until melted.
  • Meanwhile, place remaining ingredients into a blender.
  • Add the water mixture and blend about three seconds.
  • Place in glass bottles or a glass jug and refrigerate.
  • Before giving to baby, warm bottles by placing in hot water or a bottle warmer. NEVER warm bottles in a microwave oven.

For questions, this group is a wonderful resource for moms wanting to try this recipe.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a health professional and I am by no means qualified to advise you on health/nutritional issues for your child. I recommend you consult your pediatrician before determining if this recipe is right for your baby. Also, it is illegal for raw milk to be sold for human consumption so goat dairies will require you to sign a waiver indicating you have been made aware that it is intended for pets only.


Kirsten - My first child was similar. People always thought it was colic, but I knew he was just too AWARE. From the second he was born he had an opinion about everything…while it seemed that other babies I looked at were in some kind of dream state :). Just wanted to say that I think it’s a sign of intelligence…(at least that’s what I told myself when I was losing it!). He is now 8 and so smart and much much easier to reason with 😉 Hang in there!November 20, 2014 – 7:20 pm

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