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Little Baby Mae’s Mid-Century Modern Organic Neutral Nursery

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Mae’s Mid-Century Modern Organic Neutral Nursery seems like quite a mouthful but I really couldn’t think of a better way to describe it. I almost threw the word “vintage” in there because of the found and heirloom pieces but I have to admit, I am kind-of sick of that word.

As you can see, it is a pretty eclectic blend of things I fell in love with. I mentioned back in this post that I really wanted Mae’s room to have a calming atmosphere. I know babies like bright colors but she has plenty of time for that when she gets a little older.

Her nursery did not turn out exactly how I’d originally envisioned it but I absolutely love that it ended up being a mix of things we loved as well as thoughtful gifts from friends and family.

I’ve always had a soft spot for travel-inspired nautical decor but I didn’t want her room to feel “themed” so I made sure to balance the blues and grays with some soft pinks and girly details. Luckily, most of the gifts Mae received were on the girlier side so it made that part easy!

I don’t think any of it would have come together as well without the help of my super-stylish friend Halle of Flower & Fringe. She took my pile of stuff and pieced it all together so gracefully. I’d highly recommend getting in touch with her for any design or event decor needs you might have.

Confession: I am a little particular when it comes to style or decor but some of my very favorite elements of her nursery were actually found, crafted or handed down from family members.

The dresser was one of the first items I found (via craigslist) so it sort-of set the tone for the rest of the room. I knew it would be the perfect compliment for the Babyletto Hudson Crib I had been eyeballing. That fancy-dancy changing table you see on top was a gift I managed to sweet-talk my dad into building for Mae. We use it constantly and it saved me a lot of space on top of her dresser. Besides the globe (which was a yard sale score), everything you see on the dresser was given to Mae. Including the precious heirloom locket from her great great grandmother who was one of the five Mae’s in our family that she was named after. The birthday card was from Daddy and I cried so hard when he brought it home it took me five days to even read it. The prints hanging above are snaps from our trip to Italy while I was pregnant with Mae.

The letters and mirror are Anthropologie. I’m probably not capable of decorating a whole room without something originating there. The dried crown is a Flower & Fringe piece worn at my baby shower.

Mae loves looking up from her crib at her little bird friends hanging from their perfect F&F perch. The mobile was a handmade gift from Drea who has quite a knack for all things adorable.

The cozy rocker was actually the same one that was in Dave’s room when he was a baby and his parents have since had it recovered a few times. The thought of Dave rocking his daughter in the same chair he was rocked in just makes me melt. The books were gifts from friends and the wooden blocks were a fun activity from my shower.

The boat and bookshelf were both collected years ago from stores going out of business (#jackpot), I realize this corner looks a little boyish so I added a pink glittery star that I found at Star Provisions in Atlanta last Spring just before I found out I was pregnant.

The sleep quote was painted for Mae by one of my best friends and the oyster print is just a Rifle greeting card I loved and framed.

Anyway, in case you want any of these goodies for a little baby in your life, here’s where you can find them:

(In order of appearance)

Crib / Cable Knit Blanket / Crib Skirt / Branch / Mobile / Wool Rug
Iron Letters / Mirror / Floral Crown
Mermaid / Fish / Cat / Gray Blanket
The World is Your Oyster card
Dresser / Farm Animal Toy Stack / Isla Mae Calligraphy Print / Toy Whale / Travel Prints / Matted PB Frames
I Had a Favorite Dress Book

PS: I feel like I have to disclose that this sweet little set-up is just about all packed up and ready for the move this week to our new home. Looking forward to setting it all up again!

halle - Can’t wait to do it again!March 23, 2014 – 1:59 pm

Danielle - I came to your blog to ask you about Mae’s crib but then I read your post about how difficult your first few weeks were. I too thought those first newborn days were all bliss and that nursing would be heavenly. Luke had none of the issues you experienced except excessive spitting up. Turns out he is what the call a happy spitter and is gigantic despite it.. Breastfeeding for the first three or four weeks was like torture but has finally become enjoyable. I am still covered in spit up everyday, my badges of honor.

Now about that amazing crib. We are doing a vintage Coco Beach theme in his nursery…rockets and surfboards. It would fit perfectly. We have waited to do the nursery since we are building a house and it will be finished in May. So here is my question, do the sides go down? the website does not seem to say.March 24, 2014 – 11:08 am

sarah - the perfect nursery!March 31, 2014 – 4:46 pm

Lauren - So sweet! This is my dream nursery 🙂 Love the neutral calming colors and minimalist style, while still feeling homey and cosy. Mae’s a lucky girl! Love the RH whale pull toy too 😉March 31, 2014 – 5:48 pm

Daniel Henderson - There’s always “someone” who spots something you haven’t mentioned… 🙂 I love the globe, where is it from?September 12, 2014 – 5:55 pm

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