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Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Growing up, Black Friday Shopping was a strong family tradition on my mom’s side. We were naturally early-risers so venturing out before the sun to score some bargains was always a lot of fun. As time went on, I moved away and got married. My Thanksgivings started taking place all over the map with various family members that don’t share my enthusiasm for waking up early and dealing with the crazy crowds. So for the past few years my black friday shopping has all happened online. I have lucked out on some amazing deals while luxuriously spending the morning after Thanksgiving in my pj’s with a cup of coffee and my laptop. However, this year, things were a little different. We spent the holiday with my mom’s family so it would have been the perfect opportunity to get some old-school pound-the-pavement black-friday shopping done but at 33 weeks pregnant, heck no. Sounds like a job for my coffee, pj’s and laptop right? Wrong. I had no wi-fi!! Apparently, there are still some households that operate in this way and I was in one of them. Thus my black friday bargains were limited to the few items #littlebabyc HAD to have (and that I could buy from my phone)

These were a bit of a splurge but my momma-friends swear by them and they were (and still are through today) 25% off, use the code BESTYEAREVER. How do you pass that up?

Freshly Picked moccasins black friday cyber monday code

Baby Gap was offering 50% percent off so I ordered a few items that I have had my eye on. (Yes, there are bows on those little striped sleeves). You can still get 40% off today with the code CYBER


PS: today is Cyber Monday, many retailers are offering great deals online! I have my eye on this Rifle Paper Co. Print for the nursery and Anna is offering 30% everything in her shop today with the code CYBER2013


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