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Thank you for stopping by. My name is Jessica Lorren Cornett. Professionally I’m Jessica Lorren. Personally, just Jess.

I’m married to a handsome worship pastor named Dave,  almost a mom to #littlebabyc (coming January 2014), and a full-time business owner. For a explanation of my personal journey into motherhood here.

With all of the baby blogs out there, it seemed somewhat silly to start another. But I am doing it anyway.

When I learned that I was going to be a mom, I was completely overwhelmed with questions. It felt as if I was being thrown into a sea and had no idea how to swim. I googled, emailed, researched, and although I gathered a lot of information, every answer led to more questions.  The sea never seemed to get any smaller.

Through this process, I am slowly discovering that as mothers, we each have to find our own way as we learn to navigate this sea around us. My hope is that this space will allow me to share bits and pieces of my adventures and maybe even help someone else with theirs along the way.

Little Baby Sea was born out of this desire and lovingly named after our daughter’s Instagram hashtag, #littlebabyc

So I hope you will check in from time to time, it is sure to be a wild adventure!



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