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A Baby Mae Holiday

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If you couldn’t tell by the timing of this post, our holidays were a bit crazier this year. Our little go-getter began walking the day after Thanksgiving and hasn’t slowed down ever since! I know a lot of parents joke about this being a milestone they want to put off as long as possible but it has actually made our home much happier. Little miss independent can get where she wants to go so much easier now and we have a lot more opportunities for outdoor play (i.e. wearing her out). I think it has even helped her sleep improve but she just (finally) started teething so that obviously cancelled out any headway we were making in lullaby land.

However, walking did make things a little more exciting on our unexpected trip to Indiana. She has always loved waving at folks in airports but now she has the ability to physically go greet all of those unassuming travelers. It made me rather nervous but most people were kind and greeted her back with a wave and a warm smile. To my surprise, she had become so popular at the gate that by the time we boarded, we had plenty of offers to sit next to her. Who would ever offer to sit next to a baby on a plane?! Thankfully the two of us managed four flights and two delays with merely one spilled drink and one diaper blow out. The Lord was clearly with us.

I know it seems crazy but I swear she became at least 50% cuter over the past month. Maybe it’s the pigtails, or that clothes get cuter in 12-18 month sizes or just that her little spunk is really starting to shine. Except when Santa is around. (See above) Regardless, things are getting fun around here. Which is probably why we got to see so much family for the holidays this year. It’s not every year that we have the privilege of spending time with all of our loved ones on both sides of our family. But now we have the bait. We loved it, she loved it and I did my best to snap as many photos (good or bad) as possible.

On that note,  a goal for the next year is to let go of some of my photographic perfectionism when it comes to capturing moments with Mae. There have been so many occasions where I cringe at the lighting, backdrop or messy room and decide not to take a photo. But if this past year has taught me anything, it’s that life doesn’t always fit into a box as think it should and I don’t want to miss capturing moments just because the conditions are imperfect. So I am committing to keep a (real) camera out at all times and snap away, even if the grungy messy images never go anywhere but here. iPhones are great for convenience but I’d be sad if all Mae had to show for her childhood were some grainy low-res snapshots when preserving memories is my career.

Anyway, enough about us, the real purpose of this blog is to help other moms out there with anything I can so before I go, I thought a list of Mae’s top three favorite holiday gifts at 11 months old.

Baby Trampoline. Proof.
Ball Tent
Music Set

Oh and since you all couldn’t be on our Christmas card list this year…here it is. was. whatever. Hope your holidays were happy!

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 4.02.05 PM





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